Are Automatic or Manual Wire Strippers Better for Commercial Electricians?

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Back in the day, electricians used to strip wires manually, either using a sharp blade or simply relying on their (ouch!) teeth. However, it either led to the wire being cut improperly or presented numerous health/dental issues. This would be a very time-consuming, intensive, and inefficient task for large-scale electrical contractors.

Then came wire strippers. The version we see most often today was first released in 1959, but even then there were manual and automatic versions of the wire strippers. While manual wire strippers are cost-effective, they aren’t suitable for large-scale electrical service and repair contractors.

Using the right tool is essential for the timely completion of a large-scale project and to ensure that you are using your resources efficiently. So let’s take a look at the difference between automatic and manual wire strippers and which one is better for larger projects.

Automatic Vs. Manual Wire Stripper – Which Is Better?

As mentioned above, both automatic and manual wire strippers are useful in their way for different projects.

Manual Wire Strippers Are Inexpensive to Buy

While manual wire strippers are very inexpensive to buy, they are only suitable for small-scale projects or maintenance and repairs. They are suitable for DIY work but run the risk of damaging more delicate wires, including fiber optics and lesser-gauge copper wires.

Manual wire strippers serve as combination tools quite effectively, though. They can be used as:

  1. Wire strippers
  2. Pliers
  3. Crimpers and
  4. Cutters

This means that you won’t have to carry a toolbox wherever you go.

Automatic Wire Strippers Are Easier to Use & Are Quicker

Naturally, automatic wire strippers are time-saves as they only require you to insert the wire and push (or squeeze, depending on the model and type). A dial or lever on the side usually lets you adjust the wire’s gauge before you insert it.

In fact, some automatic wire strippers adjust themselves automatically, further saving electrical contractors time. This makes these strippers much more effective for extensive and large-scale projects. Since time is money, there is no denying the utility that automatic wire strippers and wire stripping machines offer.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive, though, and you will also find manual and automatic wire stripping machines. If you are going with a machine, it’s generally accepted that an automatic one is the better, if more expensive, option.

Automatic wire strippers are quite hefty, though. Carrying them around can be quite a task, and figuring them out may take some time and training. If portability is a primary concern for you, the manual version may be better for you. Larger models of automatic strippers require a workbench, which is why it should be left to large-scale electrical contractors only.

To learn more about the wire stripping tools that you should have as a large-scale electrical contractor or as an individual, or if you simply want someone to guide you about the tool kit required for your project, give Skyline Electric a call! We’d love to help you find the right tools and work more efficiently.