How Lighting Controls Can Improve Your Building and Lower Your Bill

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For many commercial and industrial areas, a major driving factor for the electrical bill is lighting. Large residential areas and skylines are also plagued by the same problem to the tune of almost 40% of the bill – and this ratio is expected to rise.

However, the solution for this isn’t to reduce the use of lights. Instead, electrical contractors can add a lot of value to a space with the right lighting solution. The solution is lighting control retrofits, upgrades, and electrical service and repair where needed.

Not only does this solution allows you to maintain the same, if not better, level of luminosity, but it also ensures that the new lighting system creates a more energy-efficient environment for you. According to, lighting controls can help commercial and industrial facilities save up to 60% in energy costs.

One of the first steps that you can take towards saving is to implement a full building automation system (BAS), controlling lighting and a range of other systems.

Implementing Lighting Controls Successfully – How Electrical Contractors Do It

Implementing building automation systems, especially for lighting, is often easier than overhauling the entire system. Electrical contractors often refer to lighting controls as an entry point for BAS, followed soon after by security systems.

A card swipe or other entry mode can enable the light system while integrating RFID chips into these cards can help the system identify which lights need to be turned on and which do not. The system can also dim and turn off lights concerning the external light conditions to ensure maximum visibility but cost-efficiency.

This brings us to windows, an important and often overlooked feature that almost every building can benefit from. The more light they let in, the fewer spaces need to rely on energy usage. Lighting controls can also be programmed to work directly with solar panels. This way, the system can determine the approach it needs to take to reduce the facility’s energy consumption.

The potential that lighting controls bring to the table is immense – and not just geared toward cost-saving. They play a major role in helping employees improve work efficiency and attract more clients, regardless of whether the controls are elaborate or simple.

Key lighting control solutions include automation, motion sensing, astronomical clock-based lighting, luminosity management, centralized control interface for one individual to manage, monitoring energy usage, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the world of lighting controls or which lighting control would be better suited for your facility, we recommend you give us a call. Skyline Electric has a proven track record of being a trusted electrical contractor for over 60 years. Let us help you get the lighting solution you need!