4 Causes of Electrical Fire In Your Business

Electricity breaker overload short circuit, Old grunge messy fuse box fire burn over heat.

A malfunction or failure of the electrical components in your electrical system or equipment can lead to electrical fires. In commercial buildings, they can originate in circuit breakers, cables, electric wires, and other electrical components.

Your commercial facility has electrical wiring running all throughout it, powering everything from the lights brightening your building to the machinery moving your products. However, neglect or mismanaging your electrical system can cause sparks and can lead to devastating fires. According to a study by the US Fire Administration, 8.1% of commercial fires are caused by electrical malfunctions.

Some of the common causes of electrical fires include the following:

Outdated Electrical Design

Poor design is a critical issue for old electrical systems. Based on your building’s age, the electrical system might have been built to meet codes that were relevant several decades ago. Standards and codes have evolved dramatically during recent years.

If you have a building that is more than 50 years old, there is a large possibility that your electrical wiring is not in compliance with modern regulations. This could mean you have overextended, incorrectly modified, damaged, outdated, or simply inadequate electrical components all throughout your system.

An experienced professional can determine the condition of old wiring and electrical systems, and how it’s managing the electrical loads in your building.

Poor Maintenance

Electrical fires in commercial buildings are often caused by a lack of routine and necessary maintenance. Regular maintenance on electrical panels helps minimize fire risks. This includes removing dust and dirt from these panels and inspecting and replacing faulty circuit breakers.

Electrical resistance produced in the wires due to flaws in wiring can create a build-up of heat and eventually cause a fire. Arcing can also trigger a fire and happens with damaged extension cords, frayed wires, poorly maintained electrical panels, and when damaged devices are charging.

Hot Equipment

If your workers report that using any equipment, such as computers, appliances, or machinery gives an electrical shock upon contact, this is a strong signal of a fire hazard. Don’t use the equipment in question and switch to a new piece of equipment. If the issue persists with a different piece of equipment, contact an electrician immediately.

Wrong Light Fixtures

Installing the wrong light fixtures, light bulbs, and lamps across your commercial property can also lead to electrical fires. For instance, if you install bulbs that have a higher voltage than your fixtures, it could cause an electrical fire. So take the time to look into the maximum recommended bulb wattage before installing them into any lighting fixture.

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