4 Tips to Choose the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor

Commercial electrical contractors are responsible for installing complex electrical systems and fixing electrical issues in building sites, high-rise construction, and house and land development sites. The tasks they do are significantly different from the ones in residential areas or small business sites. For these jobs, wiring is quite simple in most cases while large-scale commercial electrical systems are extremely complex and require a broader skill-set and more experience.

If you are looking for a commercial electrical contractor, consider these tips to choose the right commercial electrical contractor.

Look Into Their Experience with Commercial Projects

Commercial electrical projects are an order of magnitude more complex and resource-intensive. So you can’t put your building’s electrical system at risk by having inexperienced and improperly trained electricians do the job. You will need them to provide you with a massive crew of professionals who are fully equipped with all the right tools, skills, and knowledge. That’s why you should ask your contractor about their experience working on large commercial projects.

And when reviewing the available contractors, you can also contact local building departments, local groups, or local Chambers of Commerce. They can be a valuable source of information regarding the quality, scope of work, and services provided by these commercial contractors.

Confirm Licensing and Insurance

When you work with a commercial electrician, make sure that they have the relevant licensing and insurance to cover the scope of your project. This way:

  • You will be covered if your electrician stops working in the middle of the job.
  • You will not have to cover damages if anything goes wrong.
  • You will not have to deal with any liability if any of their worker suffers injuries or accidents during the job.

Ask for Estimates

While researching and completing your due diligence on the available commercial electrical contractors, you may have learned about some potential pitfalls, including contractors who have excessive fees, offer unreasonably long timelines, and tack on unexpected costs.

These hidden fees and additional delays can impact your finances and budgets. A reliable commercial electrical contractor will never operate on this level, so be sure to discuss these items with your contractor. Ask them to provide guarantees in writing, and an initial cost estimate and timeline on the project. This will help you prepare for the costs of the upcoming electrical work before the project begins.

Opt for Resourcefulness and Versatility

Are you managing a commercial construction site? Such an environment is always full of workers, vehicles, and tools, which means that your contractors will have to adapt to it and work in it. Be sure your commercial electrician is resourceful and versatile and can work effectively in any scenario.

A commercial worksite shifts and changes on a daily basis, and tends to be an ongoing challenge. A commercial electrical contractor must be able to work around this challenge effectively enough that they can keep their proposed timeline, and not go over budget.

Skyline is a commercial electrical contractor that meets all the requirements mentioned above and will exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us today and we can show you how we’ll help wire your building safely, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner.