Green Projects & Commercial Solar

Green Projects by Skyline Electric Company

Solar technology is the future of power generation and will change the way we live. Photovoltaic (PV = solar) energy has quickly become more and more efficient and economical.

Green Projects & Commercial Solar

We want to show you how our specialists can save you and your business both energy and time. On average, 26% of a business’s overhead costs are a result of energy consumption. Whether you are looking for a utility tied PV array, reducing a demand charge, a large lighting retrofit or simply replacing outdated inefficient lighting in your office, Skyline Electric is the one to choose. Skyline Electric Company, in Salt Lake City, has been doing business since 1959, so you can be rest assured that we will still be around to continue to take care of your needs long after the others have come and gone.

Our Specialties

Skyline Electric specializes in installing commercial solar energy. This not only makes Salt Lake City greener, it helps with your businesses costs. We want our environment to continue to flourish and it is possible to do, all while saving your business money!  Our team is fully certified and licensed to bring you the best information, designs, and installation of all commercial solar products.

We specialize in the following:

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Utility Scale Solar arrays from design to operation and maintenance.
  • Maximizing building efficiency to accelerate ROI on upgrades and solar.
  • Energy Audits to see if lighting or other upgrades would be a smart option for your business.
  • Thermal IR imaging of solar components including the use of drones for elevated imaging.

Bottom line, working together we can create a win–win situation! You and your business will save money and together we will leave a smaller footprint in Salt Lake City, for future generations to enjoy.

A contract with Skyline Electric Company is an assurance of high quality work.