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The energy sector is currently in the middle of a paradigm shift as governments and consumers seek more environmentally friendly products and energy methods to ultimately improve the world. Similarly, manufacturers, factories, industrial businesses, and other commercial entities are also looking to reduce costs.

Electrical contractors around the world have a crucial role to play in this paradigm shift. After identifying the right model, it is important to ensure that it is implemented properly and cost-effectively as well. For instance, even the most expensive solar panel infrastructure can be of limited use if it isn’t aligned properly or if there is some sort of resistance in the system.

Here are some prominent alternative energy sources that commercial and industrial entities can adopt. Keep in mind, these aren’t the only alternate sources:

Key Alternative Energy Sources

Landfill Gas

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest burning fuels out there, emitting nothing more than warm air and water vapor into the atmosphere. Burning methane gas can also be fairly clean – and this is a gas that’s extensively released when organic matter decomposes.

Landfill decomposition is a type of alternative energy source used mostly by sanitation companies, hydroelectric pumps, and even coastal governmental buildings where sewage is collected. Aerobic conditions are created to increase the speed at which bacteria consume organic matter and release methane.

Methane is then burned to create clean heat and boil water to create steam.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy plants use gravity and water’s momentum to produce electricity. Damns and water mills use this method, usually combined with wind turbines for maximum efficiency. Hydroelectric models are still relatively new and the research is ongoing to improve overall processes.

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Being adopted widely across the globe, commercial solar panels are a great way for industries and commercial entities to make the most out of their property. The increased cost can be a concern, but most electrical contractors have contacts that can help you find cost-effective solar panels and components even today.

Combining solar panels with other technology can also lead to strong results. One example is Tesla’s Solar Roof, potent batteries, and backup power supply, the Power Wall.

All these systems and alternative energy sources require the right skill set and expertise to install and maintain. Electrical service and repair are a major part of ensuring the long-term viability of your investment.

If you would like to learn more about which of these alternative energy sources would be suitable for your facility, the costs associated with it, and the returns you can expect, give us a call. Skyline Electric has over 60 years of experience working on large-scale projects, including shifting towards renewable and sustainable energy sources.

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