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Many believe that electricians mostly focus on connecting the dots – extending a line from the main circuit breaker throughout the property and connecting fixtures with said line. This description represents only a surface-level view of what electrical contractors, particularly large-scale electrical contractors, do.

Skyline Electric has completed several large-scale electrical systems throughout Utah, using several colored conduits and cable management techniques to identify different electrical systems while ensuring everything is neat and presentable.

This approach simplifies the necessary management and maintenance by maintaining proper separation between sub-systems. This practice isn’t as widespread as it should be because of the extensive planning and creativity it requires.

An electrical contracting company should have a creative element that comes into play when planning electrical systems. The primary goal should be specific and well-defined. The goals can be related to aesthetics, uniqueness, cost-effectiveness, etc. There are always several approaches to any given project that you can take. Creative approaches by electrical contractors can help the client and make the job of general contractors easier.

Practical Benefits of Creativity From Electrical Contractors

Creativity in electrical projects can lead to the following benefits.

Finding Cost-Effective Yet Effective Alternatives

When performing any electrical service or repair, contractors can rely on more creative techniques to achieve the same, if not better, results.

For example, instead of running feeders from one point to another, contractors may simply join bus ducts – a cost-effective alternative that saves money and reduces the risk of failure.

Identifying Issues & Mitigating Them Without Any Impact on Time Or Budget

Any number of challenges can arise mid-operations. Electrical service providers need to be creative to handle these issues on the go. These issues can either be because of external events or initial-stage engineering errors. Without creativity, these issues risk being very costly, time-consuming, and may even lead to internal conflict.

Improvisation To Improve The Scope of Work

Large-scale electrical projects begin with detailed drawings that, unfortunately, aren’t always 100% practical. This issue tends to appear during industrial projects as clients can change their minds about the placement of a certain piece of machinery mid-project.

Coming up with new drawings mid-project can lead to extensive project delays and, therefore, frustration. Contractors need a creative mind to ensure that they can adapt to the changing environment and demands and reconfigure the project accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are still many barriers to being creative in the market. While beneficial, it goes against some traditional electrical service methodologies. According to many companies, the lack of a cookie-cutter policy suggests an increased risk of errors. But with proper planning, professionalism, and a focus on safety, this flexibility and creativity can be a cost and time-saving asset.

If you would like to learn more about creative thinking from electrical contractors or would like to see it in action, give us a call. Through creative thinking and impeccable adaptability, let us help you make the most out of your large-scale electrical projects!

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