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Where proper lighting solutions for industrial areas are geared mostly towards ensuring employee safety, commercial lighting solutions are a great opportunity to also gear your lighting design towards clients and customers. Not only can electrical contractors beautify your place, but a well-lit site also helps you attract new people to your facility and increase your chance of upselling existing clients.

The ability to combine electrical engineering skills with artistic creativity can be a big draw to your site though not every electrical contractor can pull off an elegant lighting project. From the light’s shade and color to the intensity and placing, everything needs to be done concerning the site’s architecture to ensure seamless integration and that the lighting solution doesn’t seem ‘out of place.’

Let’s consider the importance of blending art and electrical engineering for new projects and electrical service and repair.

The Importance of Lighting Designs

When designing something, it is important that the ultimate positive impact is being considered. The design should reflect the business’ general theme – only then does it create the visual appeal and environment that attracts clients.

For example, the lighting design for a museum will differ from a shop in the market, a hotel, office space, or a luxurious residential skyline (such as a downtown high-rise).

Lighting design isn’t just a simple matter of putting together a few different colored LED lights. It takes years of experience to specialize in it and to express your and their creativity the way clients truly desire.

Architectural clients, for example, have very specific requirements. Sometimes, it only involves changing a lightbulb and its intensity, but most cases require rewiring the whole lighting system. The end goal is to improve the message a space sends.

Electrical contractors and lighting designers use shades and highlights to create a more compelling environment. Sometimes, they may have to work with interior designers or artists who have a unique vision about what they want. Passion meets profession in such collaborative projects.

Commercial Lighting Design Solutions – What Does It Include?

Key design areas for a commercial lighting solution include:

  • Pathways
  • Stairs
  • Roofs
  • Public areas
  • Gardens
  • Building façade
  • Parking areas
  • Foyers
  • Hallways
  • Educational spaces
  • Sporting facilities

There are also the lighting solutions that events and shows need. Because of the prevalence of laser lights and the smoke plus LED light solutions, it is important that electrical engineers now use other unique design ideas.

Practical experience can make a marked difference between different electrical contractors/designers. Some of the more unique lighting design projects, i.e., those that haven’t been done or thought of before, are what help awe clients and audiences alike.

For example, the idea of dancing fountains and the respective lighting designs had started becoming popular and they weren’t as unique anymore when Dubai’s choreographed dancing fountains debuted. Despite the prevalence, the fountains became a world-famous attraction because of their sheer scale and creative solution.

Artistic lighting design isn’t just about doing something for business’ sake but is more of a passion here at Skyline Electric. Give us a call if you are looking for an attractive lighting design solution for your commercial facility or would like to discuss a potential design.

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