Common Challenges Electrical Contractors Face in Industrial Building Wiring

Electrician working at construction site

When it comes to electrical projects for industrial buildings, there is no room for error. With everything from handling raw materials to manufacturing refined goods, there are a variety of dangerous elements at industrial buildings that could pose risks to employees or even cause problems with the surrounding environment. Without proper care, workers, equipment, and the building could be exposed to sparks, electrical fire, or heat.

Electrical contractors in Utah and around the country need to focus specifically on the wiring of an industrial building, as even the slightest connectivity issues or resistance can lead to long-term and potentially hazardous wiring issues. These wiring problems can also cause budget overruns, facility downtime, missed deadlines, loss of equipment, personnel accidents, or worse.

Here are some common challenges contractors face when providing electrical service or repair in an industrial building.

Challenges for Electrical Contractors in Industrial Wiring

Extreme & Demanding Environments

Not every electrical contractor in Utah would be comfortable working in extreme and demanding environments. Sometimes, industrial facilities require working 50 feet in the air, or higher, under smoke, heat, freezing temperature, or tight spacing.

Working with electricity in these conditions requires extensive experience, a good safety record, and a calm and clear presence of mind.

Catering to Plan Changes

It is very common for clients to introduce a change in the middle of a project. This can be part of the reason why electrical service providers don’t map large-scale projects. Having poor maps for the previous electrical wiring system can introduce a degree of uncertainty that can become very expensive without proper techniques.

When these changes are introduced, the level of uncertainty grows further, making the work even more challenging. Adaptability, creativity, and ingenuity — these are three core skills that large-scale electrical projects require.

Cost of Delays or Overruns

Clients who have to shut their industry down for a few days for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades often get very anxious. They understandably need the work to be done as quickly as possible while maintaining safe working conditions. Unfortunately, as the days pass, clients continue becoming more and more anxious.

Because it’s important to limit downtime for clients, there is no time to try and figure out what needs to be done while on the job. Instead, everything needs to be planned before starting work, so the work can be swift and efficient.

Catering to Multiple Locations

Industrial facilities that are operating in multiple locations and in different states often require multiple or even all their plants to be upgraded. When working in another state, electrical contractors need to understand the differences in compliance and codes for that state and adjust their labor and resources to suit the new plan and/or location, which can be rather costly.

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