The Team

Our Vision Statement

“To be the preferred electrical Contractor in the Region by adding dramatic value to our customers, our employees, and the community”

The Skyline Electric Leadership Team

Todd Shaffer


Zane Huffman


Rhett Butler

Vice President/Special Projects Division Manager

Chance Aguirre

 Large Projects Division Manager

Carl Raddatz

Low Voltage Division Manager

Brandon Willard


Mike Hamilton

Chief Estimator

Doug Cox

General Superintendent

James Bolander


Matt Hansen

Safety Director

Cade Markle

 Estimator/Project Manager

Rebecca Velasquez

Estimator Special Projects

Dale McLean

Estimator/Project Manager

Justin Ekenstam

Estimator/Project Manager

Jared Blake

Project Manager

Greg Mackley

Project Manager/Estimator

Ryan Christensen

Project Manager

John Nelson

Project Manager

Jason Nancino

Project Manager

Tony Shaw

Project Manager

Brad Wilding

Project Manager

Johnny Bernardo

Mechanical Services Coordinator

Jana Thomas

Office Manager

Ben Bishop


Our People Make a Difference

People… People… People! Dedicated people have made Skyline Electric the leader it is today. Beginning impressions are representative of your future, so Skyline was determined to accomplish some big jobs and make a positive business relationship with everyone involved.

The first years work on Bryant Junior High, Cottonwood Elementary School and the Salt Lake County Treatment Plant #1, was the beginning of this progressive company. The word was out, Skyline’s reputation for dependability, excellence and leadership was fast developing. A mark that would soon be the standard of excellence in the intermountain area.

Like a powerful magnet, these skilled craftsmen attracted other workers like themselves. It didn’t take long for contractors and engineers to realize Skyline crews can handle most everything. Men to match the technological challenge is what it’s all about in today’s world. Keeping abreast of new technology and electrical changes doesn’t always mean the answers are found in black and white. There are many on-the-job-site creative solutions handled by Skyline Electric personnel whose skills are best exhibited when the machines and equipment perform efficiently. The people at Skyline know that missed deadlines are costly to everyone. That’s why Skyline Electric gets the job done right. The company philosophy is to begin with the end in mind. Every project gets thorough attention to detail which is why Skyline’s work is done correctly… large or small, the people at Skyline are ready to do it all.

We Do Difficult and Diverse Jobs

Since their modest beginning back in 1959 in small quarters located in Pierpont Avenue, these aggressively competent men have established themselves as winners in a highly competitive field. During the past several decades a reputation of dependability and fairness has emerged as their trademark in the field of electrical contracting.

Each passing year has given them greater experience to cope with today’s demanding skills in a world of electrical technology. From a small hook-up for a stove or dryer to the complex electric relays of automated production lines, these men have kept pace with our changing times. The Skyline Team of People, guided by fine leaders have produced a valuable contribution to expanding the sky line of our intermountain west.