How LED Street Lighting Ensures Safety, Savings & Sustainability

Aerial Panorama of Park City on Wintry Evening

Governments are always looking for ways to ensure public safety and keep their infrastructure properly maintained. Lighting systems can cost quite a lot, especially if the wrong type of lights are used. So it makes sense that governments would turn to electrical contractors for help when making sure their chosen lighting system is efficient and viable.

Skyline Electric has helped with numerous energy-efficient street lighting projects, offering technical and financial assistance to multiple government groups and agencies. By adopting LED-based systems and lighting controls, governments can save money and reduce their carbon emissions to meet sustainability goals.

Let’s take a closer look at how LED street lighting can ensure safety, savings, and sustainability for the government infrastructure.

Importance of LED Street Lighting for Government Lighting Projects

Keeping The Streets Safe

LEDs are inherently brighter and have longer life spans than any other type of bulb. Because of this, LEDs can help keep areas safer by illuminating them with higher power and quality lighting. LEDs can turn on immediately and offer better visibility than any other lights as well.

Saves Money

Based on multiple studies, a township can save an estimated $135,000 per annum in energy costs and about $95,000 in maintenance costs if old bulbs are replaced with LED lights today. Because of the longer life spans of LED lights, they also reduce maintenance costs quite extensively.

It Saves The Environment

Governments can upgrade their lighting systems to reduce energy consumption, which ultimately is better for the environment when compared to other competing lighting solutions. It is estimated that a single township upgrading from fluorescent to LED lights can help it reduce carbon emissions by 506 metric tons.

Power consumption amounts to up to 40% of all carbon emissions, and by using less energy, governments can better meet their sustainability and green initiative goals.

Better Satisfaction of Procurement Requirements

Governments need to satisfy applicable procurement requirements before being able to implement the shift to LEDs. By selecting a contractor with a proven record for working on street lighting projects and delivering marked improvements, governments can reap all the rewards from this project and potentially many others.

Once the requirements are satisfied, governments can form a government-approved vendor list for future projects and provide a benefit to the locals via the list.

LED street lighting presents a viable cost-saving solution for governments, helping them achieve more than one goal simultaneously. Skyline Electric has helped numerous municipalities within Utah over the years, positively impacting future energy costs and meeting environmental goals over time.

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