Mission Critical

We have almost 60 years’ experience in the design and installing of mission critical electrical systems.

We also offer complete upgrading and new installation of all mission critical systems.
Mission critical is a familiar term in the industrial world. If a mission critical problem arises,
it could have catastrophic or long lasting consequences.

A contract with Skyline Electric Company is an assurance of high quality work.

Mission Critical Businesses

What is considered mission critical? Countless businesses fall under this category. When one part shuts down, it causes major chaos. Luckily, Skyline Electric, in Salt Lake City, offers power systems that are mission critical. Some industries that are mission critical include:

  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Medical Service Buildings
  • Telecommunication Centers

These are just some industries that could go into a mission critical if they don’t have the accurate power supply systems. Our job is to ensure you have the power to successfully run your businesses and keep your clients safe.

We provide services 24/7

The specialists at Skyline Electric go above and beyond to handle your mission critical electric systems. Our team works closely with the clients to determine the required power necessary to keep your business sustained. We also design and install systems that are energy efficient and cost effective. Our team is knowledgeable of the equipment needed to handle mission critical facilities, and are able to integrate your systems so that you will never experience a complete loss of power. Even though we operate out of Salt Lake City, we are able to offer troubleshooting, either in person or by phone, 24/7.