Contract Amount:  $5,800,000

South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

West Jordan, UT

Project Summary

Complete 12,470-volt plant power distribution retrofit. Remodel solids processing building and retrofit 4 bioreactors and oxidation ditches. The project included all ductbanks, conduit, wiring, and control. PLC installation and all wiring associated with SCADA control. Complete demo of the existing power distribution system and change over to new system while keeping plant operating. Construction of new diesel generator, including modifications to existing Generator Building, removal of existing diesel generator, new diesel generator EGU-3510, new switchgear lineup, new PLC Control Panel PCM-3500, new field wiring, and provision of temporary generators. Demo existing reduced voltage starters, VFDs, and bypass starters. Install four new VFDs with GE PLC-based controls, installation of new PLC. With the guidelines of keeping the pumps of three headworks in full operation at all times through the old PLC until the operation of the new PLC was established.

HVAC upgrade performed in conjunction with mechanical contractor. Scope of work included demolition of existing electrical conduits, wiring & lights in the North Headworks Building and provision of new electrical and control work associated with the new HVAC equipment in the Headworks Building, Grit Chamber Building and Blower Building No. 1.

Demo and install new feeders to Thickening Bldg. Hook up power and controls to new air compressor for air receiver and retention tank for SCADA control. Remove existing VFDs for sludge pumps and install new VFDs for Sludge pumps tie all controls back to PLC for SCADA control. Demo electrical equipment on Digester for lid removal. Reinstall electrical equipment.