Contract Amount:  $5,581,905

Silver Creek Water Reclamation Facility Expansion

Park City, Utah

Project Summary

Named as the "2019 Most Outstanding Water/Wastewater Project" by Utah Construction & Design. The project expanded the water reclamation facility to a capacity of 4MGD. Skyline Electric Company not only was key to constructing the expansion but also facilitated the transition from the old system to the new facilities -- which went off without a hitch.

Skyline's Project Scope:

The construction consists of an expansion of the Silver Creek Water Reclamation Facility to a capacity of 4MGD. The construction includes the following new facilities: [1] Electrical Building w/ new 12.47KV / 480V 2500A service, [2] New back-up generators, 1250KW & 250KW. Headworks w/ screening equipment & influent pump station, pre-stressed concrete equalization tanks, concrete bioreactors with anaerobic and anoxic treatment zones, [3] secondary clarifiers, tertiary filter building w/ UV disinfection equipment. Solids building with new mechanical de-watering systems. Operations’ building w/ basement level RAS/WAS pumping station. Existing treatment facilities needed to remain operational during all construction followed by coordinated switch over to new treatment train. Demolition of the existing facility once new facilities proven.

Owner: Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District

Location: Park City, Utah

Project Amount:  $45,000,000

Completion: March 2020

General Contractor: Gerber Construction