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Preconstruction Services


Preconstruction is the first phase of the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction project. It encompasses every event and process that happens prior to the start of construction.

  • If you do not control your project at this phase, you can lose control and flexibility of the project in later phases.
  • You need expert consultation to make important decisions at this phase, so you don’t create an un-desirable scenario in later phases.

Skyline customers who have fully used preconstruction services have reduced electrical costs up to 23%, some have saved millions of dollars.

Preconstruction services with Skyline Electric helps:

  • Eliminate Future RFIs
  • Scrubbing of Specifications
  • Quality Coordination with other disciplines
  • Eliminate Future Change Orders
  • And more!

Skyline has a full preconstruction team, including BIM and prefabrication. Project Benefits include:

  • Early Procurement
  • Early Work Packages
  • On/Under Budget and Schedule
  • Higher Project Acuity
  • Flexibility
  • Schedule Efficiency
  • Greater Value

Preconstruction identifies and resolves problems early before they grow more burdensome and costly. Early Issue resolution is key.

Contact Skyline Electric today about how preconstruction services can save your project thousands, if not millions, of dollars!

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