How Skyline Electric Can Help You Save Money

Checking the blueprints

Whether you are a business owner, facility manager, or construction project supervisor, there are several safety and compliance protocols that you need to keep in mind before, during, and after an electrical project. From payroll to scheduling, employee management, supplier relations, safety protocols, and more, the list goes on.

Managing external relationships can be particularly problematic, especially if their safety and compliance can potentially lead to very expensive lawsuits. To that end, managers and supervisors may also need to keep a close eye on the electrical contractors working on their site.

Most of these issues may not be visible as clearly in the present and only reveal their true presence over time. The threat(s) may be hidden in walls, in the ceiling, or even under the floor. If left unchecked, these issues can be very costly and halt your project indefinitely – or until you have paid the settlement amount.

Skyline Electric is proud to be able to present ourselves as a solution to this issue. We are a company of experts dedicated to providing reliable results, high-quality workmanship, and, most importantly, impeccable compliance and safety.

Whether it is a single electrical project undertaken by our experts or a number of projects completed or in the process by a number of electrical contractors in Utah, we have a wide range of tests and compliance checklists to help you make sure you avoid lawsuits and/or delays.

How Skyline Electric Contractors Help Save Money

One primary tool that we use in order to help you save money on electrical work and keep your workplace safe is infrared and thermal testing. While there are a number of other tests and analyses that we run as well, such as the Load Flow Analysis, and the infrared and thermal testing, we look for any underlying issues and take a proactive approach to them instead of a reactive approach.

The test looks at your system’s entire lighting infrastructure, detecting any parts that are overheated or wires that are introducing resistance in your electrical system. Higher temperatures may mean that a malfunction is about to happen. We determine the extent of the electrical service or repair needed and either recommend the necessary action or help you do what needs to be done.

The process involves a small ‘camcorder’ with infrared capabilities. The device is able to look through walls, floors, and ceilings to catch any underlying problems, which are highlighted by an increase in temperature. Any wires that aren’t transferring electricity also get highlighted, as they don’t show any rise in temperature at all.

This way, our electricians are able to diagnose the issue much more quickly and prevent mass system malfunction or shutdowns.

Skyline Electric experts can test any system and even the most complicated electrical infrastructures, such as:

  1. Substations
  2. Transformers
  3. Feeder poles
  4. Distribution panels
  5. Breaker panels
  6. Power supplies
  7. Capacitor banks
  8. Switchboards
  9. Motor Control Centers
  10. Generator controls
  11. Transfer switches
  12. I-Line electrical panels
  13. Lighting, and so much more!

If you’d like to schedule a service or want to learn more about our service, our experts are ready and waiting for your call. Get in touch with us, and let us streamline your operations and help you save money on any upcoming electrical service or projects!