What is Tesla EV Certification What Can It Do For You?

Red Tesla Model S electric car connected to a recharging station

Tesla Inc. has managed to more or less do what its founder Elon Musk wanted: to make a positive impact in as many lives as possible. Today, its technology can be seen in many places, from the equipment NASA sends to space to our household solar energy systems, electric cars, and more.

This has highlighted the importance of understanding how Tesla’s tech works, especially electrical contractors in Utah that undertake large-scale projects. Be it a luxury skyline with EV car chargers or industrial sites that rely on Tesla’s batteries, contractors must have the necessary skill set to perform electrical service or repairs properly.

Do You Need Tesla EV Certification To Work on Its Technology?

There is no doubt that Tesla’s EV Certification can be a very important tool when it comes to helping you implement, maintain, or repair Tesla’s systems, but you don’t necessarily need a certification. Because of the company’s ‘open arms’ policy, you can simply call their support services and ask them for help through the installation or maintenance process.

The same can’t be said about the repair process, though, and electrical contractors looking to become the official providers of Tesla’s services should consider investing in the Tesla EV Certification program.

According to studies, the next five years will see a record number of people switching from traditional cars to electric vehicles. Even more mainstream car manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Volvo, Volkswagen, and more are shifting towards electrical. Someone needs to make sure that users are able to charge their vehicles when in the office, right?

Skyscrapers can significantly increase their unit value by offering plug-in services, just as industries and commercial areas can attract more customers and employees their way. When installing electric vehicle charging stations, to make sure that the process is smooth and that your station remains in peak condition, electrical contractors with Tesla’s EV certification can go a long way.

Tesla’s EV Certification for Electrical Contractors – Pros & Cons

As mentioned above, anyone can install an EV station, but whether or not they are able to do this properly is a very big “if.” Tesla’s EV certification for electrical contractors isn’t just geared towards installation, though, but also helps experts understand the different components included within a charger, its maintenance, and performing electrical repair services.

Furthermore, the certification isn’t just geared towards electric vehicles but also extends towards other components, such as batteries, wires, components, and more. This allows the certified professionals to obtain the relevant expertise for a large range of Tesla’s services.

The certification is very extensive and allows electricians to learn more about Tesla’s products and a wide range of other electrical services as well. In a world where Tesla’s products and equipment are becoming more popular every day, there is no doubt that its native certification can go a long way in improving the overall skill level of individual electricians and electrical contractors as a whole.

To learn more about Tesla’s EV certification, give Skyline Electric a call. We’d love to help you understand how the certification can benefit electrical contractors and clients alike!