Are Tunable LEDs Beneficial For Large-Scale Contracts?

Abstract reflection of business office buildings in glass window in downtown urban area

Tunable LED lighting fixtures allow users to control or ‘tune’ LED lights via a dial on the light or a built-in Wi-Fi controller chip. You can control the color temperature and light intensity, turning white light into whatever color the user wants it to be, and introducing new looks.

Electrical contractors use different tunable LED types to give large-scale industrial and commercial projects an elevated look. Let’s take a closer look at how these lights can help large-scale contractors save up on costs.

How Tunable LEDs Can Be Beneficial For Large-Scale Contractors

With the help of tunable, white lights, contractors have to choose the right type and range of lighting controls to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. Differences in compatibility, light intensity, usage patterns, and applications can bring some complexity, forcing contractors to limit themselves to no more than one type of lighting design.

Bulbs of different wattages are used to reduce or increase the light intensity and create the design clients want. This also meant that contractors would have to use bulbs of different wattages to get a very limited range of results.

White Tunable LEDs

These lights use a set of controllable phosphor-coated (PC) LEDs, one with a colder light (white light) and another with a light of a warmer color. The control(s) can individually raise and lower the output of each layer, connecting on a chromaticity diagram through a process known as linear white tuning.

Electrical contractors often use these lights in more professional environments where only white light is needed – whether it’s warm or cold. These electrical services are recommended for:

  • Offices where a warmer light is preferred during the night
  • Where the light needs to match room finishes
  • Where a lighting design demands a different-colored light. Tunable lights are better suited for areas where the design keeps on changing over time.
  • Windowed lobbies where different brands or themes are used during the day and night
  • Where lighting is needed to assist behavioral control

Colored Tunable LEDs

There are also colored lights that use multiple phosphor layers. A different layer is illuminated for different colors, or the primary colors may be illuminated simultaneously with different intensities to give off a wide range of colors.

Electrical contractors have the option to choose between several control options here. For example, some have a very limited color range and will change color based on the number of times they are turned on and off.

Then there are those tunable LEDs with a dial – sort of like a fan’s dimmer – physically attached to the light that controls the color. Others have their own apps that you can connect with using your phone. On large-scale projects, there is a dedicated lighting interface for staff to use.

There is no denying that tunable LEDs can help large-scale contractors save a lot of money and reap more benefits for their investment. However, a very important consideration is whether or not the proper lighting control is used.

If you are looking to improve the efficacy of your lighting solutions or are simply wondering how tunable LEDs can help you get the results you need, give Skyline Electric a call. Our expert electricians can help you with any electrical repair or service you need – no matter how large the project is!