We specializes in all types of mining electric needs

Skyline Electric Company is the one true heavy industrial electrical contractor in the Salt Lake City region. Our team understands the mechanics of mining and specializes in all types of mining electric needs. Mining is a large industry for the area and our job is to make it easier, by providing specialized technology and electric services. For more information, give us a call. Our specialists will gladly answer any of your mining questions and work with you, so that your electrical requirements are met.

A contract with Skyline Electric Company is an assurance of high quality work.

Mining Services

Mining and heavy industrial contracting is one of Skyline Electrics specialties.  Electrical contracting for mining takes a different turn from other types of contracting. It requires special equipment and powerful electricity. Salt Lake City is a lot of electrical contractors, but none specialize in mining like Skyline Electric. Some of the mining services we offer are comprised of the following:

  • Basic Electrical Needs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trailing Cables
  • Jumbo Starter Panels
  • Pump Starters
  • Substations
  • LED Lighting
  • Switchboards

Above are some of our core mining services. We provide electrical equipment for surface and underground mining, as well as, 24/7 troubleshooting.

24/7 Service

Downtime is never acceptable for a business, especially mining! Skyline Electric is one of the only electrical contractors in Salt Lake City that provides 24/7 services to the entire region and surrounding states. Our team specializes in mining and heavy industrial and understands that importance of fast resolution.