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Skyline Electric Company

Established in 1959, Skyline Electric Company brings over 60 years of knowledge and experience to every project.  Specializing in Electrical Design, Installation, Maintenance, 24-Hour Electrical Service, and Motor Repair/Sales, we give our clients quality solutions for all their electrical needs. We are the preferred electrical Contractor in the Intermountain Region because we strive to add dramatic value to the lives of our employees, our customers, and the community.

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Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission Statement

To be the preferred electrical contractor by embracing and adhering to our vision and our core values.

Vision Statement

By adding dramatic value to the lives of our team, our customers, and our communities, together we will power the world.

Value to Team, Customers, & Communities

Value to Team

We offer an environment of trust where every voice is valued and failure is seen as an opportunity to learn, not an excuse to punish.
We expect our team to employ a positive work/life balance. People that have a balanced life are happier, healthier and more productive.
We are a growth minded company that seeks to first promote within. This means there will always be advancement opportunities available for our team.
We pay above industry average and offer a top benefit package including tuition reimbursement. We offer and encourage extensive training to support the development of all team members.

Value to Customers

We seek to create an environment of trust where customers know we always have their best interests at heart. We seek to be trusted partners.
We demand excellence from ourselves in terms of planning, expertise, and execution. We seek to be trusted experts.
We refuse to sacrifice quality or safety for the sake of profit.
We are driven to innovate bringing the best possible value in terms of material and labor savings, while at the same time providing cutting-edge solutions.

Value to Communities

We encourage and provide support for our team to be active in their communities.
We seek opportunities to serve the public through financial support, volunteering, and industry-related community outreach.
Together by donating our time and talents our outstretched arms will have a far-reaching effect on all our communities.

Core Values


We value our Skyline family. Because of this, safety must be first, foremost, and always top of mind. Everything we do is centered around providing a safe work environment. This includes not only a safe physical environment, but also a space for free expression of concerns, thoughts, and ideas.


We value an approach to business that demands an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. By acting with integrity in every situation we seek to create environments of trust internally and externally. This ethical framework undergirds everything we do.


Teamwork starts with humility. There is no room for ego inside of effective teams. We value the strength that comes from individuals knowing that their contribution is important to the success of the team. By trusting and serving each other as we work toward a common goal, nothing is unobtainable. Together We Got This.


We value the pursuit of perfection, knowing that in the effort we will catch excellence. We seek to be the best at what we do, both in our individual capacities and as an entire company. We relentlessly pursue improvement and refinement. We embrace change and understand it is a necessary part of growth.

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life


Established in 1959 Skyline Electric Company brings over 60 years of knowledge and experience to every project.

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