Central Weber Sewer Improvement District

Constructed a new 30 million gallon per day, activated-sludge treatment plant as an expansion to an existing facility.

Skyline’s Project Summary

Headworks facility, raw sludge pump station, two primary clarifiers, aeration basins, blower building, four secondary clarifiers with RAS/WAS pump station, de-chlorination building, two anaerobic digesters, digester control building, and a sludge thickening building. Skyline completed all phases of electrical work, including: designed and installed a large 5kilovolt temporary power grid in the first phases of the project; put in all major site duct banks; a new medium voltage system throughout plant which included multiple unit substation locations and transfer switches for a new onsite 2 megawatt backup generator which were mostly parallel medium voltage terminations; installed numerous pumps ranging from 1.5 up to 300 horsepower, including all programmable logic controls and local control panels; all applicable wiring for new facilities; and wiring in a new security and fire alarm system throughout all new buildings in the plant.

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