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Electrical Room

Selecting the Right Circuit Breaker for Commercial Buildings

Let’s take a closer look at the things you or your electrical contractor will need to consider when replacing your commercial circuit breaker, or simply when diagnosing a problem with the current one.

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Modern Waiting Room  Interior

Using Advanced LED Technology and Lighting Controls for Commercial Areas

The combination of advanced LED technology and lighting controls has brought forth several benefits.

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infrared thermography

Doing an Electrical Systems Survey Using Infrared Load Testing

nfrared Load Testing is a process designed to make sure that there is little to no unnecessary resistance within your electrical system.

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Electric Charger for Electric car

Should You Install Electric Car Charger At Your Office?

By 2040, experts suggest that almost every car sold will be electric, either completely or hybrid and their replacement parts will be cost-effective enough for almost everyone to afford – just like gas cars today.

Many electrical contractors are recommending that businesses should start installing electric car chargers to facilitate employees, and with a commercial solar system, you will be encouraging them to use renewable energy.

However, some argue that businesses should wait for the prices of these charging stations to go down a bit first. Once the price is right and enough people have started using electrical cars, the chargers would make more of a difference.

Let’s take a look at why installing an electric car charger at your workplace can be a good idea.

Reasons You Should Consider Installing EV Charging Station(s)

Let’s tackle the most prevalent myth first: the price element.

Yes, rapid chargers are costlier now compared to other options, which are sure to become obsolete by 2040. If the main argument against installing a charging station is that the price of rapid chargers will go down, then keep in mind that this concern isn’t as valid as you might think. Consider the example of Nokia’s chargers over the years.

At the start, there was the 2.5mm charger used by most Nokia phones, which was replaced with a faster, more stable 3.5mm charger. However, it didn’t take long for that to be replaced with mini-USB, and now it’s the USB-C.

While the port for electrical vehicles may not change, the batteries will. EVs are always looking for ways to increase the distance covered and, therefore, the charger will keep on getting stronger. These rapid chargers are primed to last for at least 20 years (even with the upgrades), but the others are not. Investing now would be the smart choice.

Other benefits include:

  1. Everyone gets to take part in a cleaner environmental initiative.
  2. There are tax write-off/rebate offered by the federal and state governments.
  3. Despite popular belief, the electricity bill would see a general increase of less than 4% – even if no commercial solar panels are used.
  4. It can help your business create goodwill in the community. And now is a great time to benefit from this.
  5. Your EV equipment can also be listed on the Blink Map, bringing customers your way. This is particularly useful if your business is auto-related.
  6. Other businesses may also benefit from the increased traffic towards your EV stations. Businesses may also charge non-employees for the charge and earn.
  7. This extra amenity gives customers a reason to return, and create stronger brand loyalty.

The auto industry has evolved immensely over the years. Electric cars are the next big thing in the industry; but the question is, are you ready for it? Get in touch with our electrical contractors to see if you should install an electric car charger at the office or not and how much it would cost

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Mdern Maintenance Works Equipment

Electrical Project Rescue – What Do You Do With Abandoned Projects?

Electrical contractors who specialize in project rescue need to make sure they adopt an approach as unique as the project itself each time.

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Car Park at Night

Why Businesses Need Proper Parking Lot Lighting Installations

Parking lot lighting systems play a major part in ensuring that the space is easy to maneuver and safe for everyone.

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Electrical Room for an Office Building

Troubleshooting Your Commercial Breaker Panels

A tripped breaker may indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

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Comfortable Co-working Space.

7 Incredible Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Retrofit

Retrofitted buildings are more energy-efficient, making sure large lighting systems work on as little energy as possible.

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Electrical engineers used a thermometer to check for faults in equipment sets, Also known as preventive maintenance to reduce the damage of equipment, Concept to professional engineer on industrial

Do You Need Thermal Imaging for Your Business?

Thermal imaging for electrical systems has been widely used to inspect components prone to overheating under certain circumstances.

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Electric finger

How Static Electricity Affects Your Business

Static electricity charges can destroy electronic equipment and electrical systems, which is why you should take the necessary precautions and prevent damage.