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Poor or overdue building maintenance can cause many electrical hazards and possible damages, leaving you with rising repair bills, power outages, and more. However, routine inspections and checks can ensure that your business suffers less. As someone who owns or manages a commercial building, you should know that your building’s electrical system and wiring can be affected by a number of issues. The signs include the following:

Increasing Number of Brownouts

If you are experiencing an increasing number of power outages, you should measure the strain put on your building’s electrical system. Wires that are stressed will often run hot, something that can easily be identified with infrared imaging.

In the summer season, it is likely that you will encounter a number of electrical issues and faulty systems that didn’t exist in the winter months. Some of these issues could be HVAC, short circuits, or loose connections. Other than the increased usage, it is also possible that general wear and tear is the culprit.

You can evaluate these electrical systems and wiring with regular maintenance plans. This way, you can identify power quality issues in your buildings – fluctuations in the electricity supply that can cause brownouts and power surges. Electrical infrared imaging inspection is again a great way to identify hotspots and connection defects, while or long before they actually pose a threat.

Frequent Short Circuits

Commercial buildings must have protection, including secure wiring connections to prevent issues with the power supply. Even with building regulations and ANSI codes that specify where and how to install, you still cannot protect your electrical systems from human tampering and other external elements.

Bringing on a skilled electrical contractor that focuses on building maintenance will help identify “human tampering” and other external elements that are at play. A skilled electrical contractor knows these installation methods and how to perform long-term maintenance. Their experience and knowledge will add tremendous value to your electrical system and make it more efficient than before.

Unexpected Power Surges

Open or poorly terminated grounding is one of the most common types of grounding issues in commercial buildings.

The goal of grounding is to “earth” an electrical system to reduce the potential difference between two points and thus, decrease shock hazards and noise voltage. This, in turn, can help with reducing the risks of fire and electrocution.

For instance, faulty grounding wires or improper earthing can lead to noise voltage or energy surges. Noise voltage can also attract lightning, thus being even more dangerous during storms.

Grounding protection can minimize serious complications that can be caused by these energy surges. Multiple interconnections can lead to incorrect grounding. It is essential that you ask a commercial electrical contractor to identify and address each instance.

Final Thoughts

Do you face problems from these issues? Would you like a Certified Electrician to audit your electrical systems and wiring with the latest technologies? Get in touch with Skyline today.

At Skyline, we provide a professional service with assistance, safety, and assistance with your building, no matter the business’ size. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of commercial electrical solutions to businesses in Utah.

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