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Technological advancement and environmental sustainability have more or less been competing goals basically from when we discovered fire and started burning wood and releasing CO 2. The 18th century added massive fuel to that fire as the industrial revolution took hold and we began burning mass amounts of wood, coal, oil, and other fuels.

Now, however, after recent advances in technology, innovation and sustainability are able to go hand in hand as every industry takes initiatives to reduce its negative impact on the environment by implementing IoT, AI, and robotics, with a focus on a greener, more sustainable future. For electrical systems, commercial solar setups have helped us make more energy-efficient and responsible decisions and better use our resources.

Here are three ways in which energy (and resource) management can help us create a sustainable future.

Energy Management & Sustainability

  1. Smart Energy Management

With commercial heating and cooling systems, energy consumption has increased considerably because of their use (almost 40%) in large commercial buildings. By implementing smart controllers and gateways on electrical systems, we can not only reduce the use of electricity but also our carbon footprint significantly.

Micro-zoned equipment control can further enhance energy efficiency by regulating the time of day, and the intensity of cooling and heating required. It can also use other essential pieces of information to further regulate HVAC systems.

  1. Air Pollution Sensors

With the help of low-cost pollution sensors located at every corner of your industry and commercial area, you can get a better idea of your contribution to air pollution and which facility is most responsible for it. From leaks to smoke emissions, everything can be recorded and reported in real-time to help you make better decisions.

  1. Smart Electrical System Management

The first investment that most growing businesses make is generally for more equipment, such as machinery and computers. This, in turn, produces more need for power to feed various systems, machinery, and equipment. In that regard, growing organizations can often have a deeper or more visible impact on the emissions/energy usage than larger organizations.

You can help manage this by investing in commercial solar panels. These are more robust and efficient than residential solar panels, offering you more value in the long run. As you continue to grow in size, you can also continue increasing the number of solar panels. As your commercial solar panel system grows, your reliance on utility companies will also decrease, and you will be capitalizing on the most renewable form of energy.

Technology has traditionally carried a heavy cost for the environment. But as we shift our focus from fossil fuels and turn towards renewable energy sources, not only are we decreasing our carbon emissions, but commercial buildings and companies also get to enjoy tax benefits.

If you would like to see how you can make your company more efficient and sustainable for the future with the help of commercial solar systems, give Skyline Electric a call. Let’s schedule a strategy session and discuss options today!

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