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Whether your building has basement parking, multi-level parking lots, or an open parking lot, you need to keep it well-lit at all times. Lighting systems play a major part in ensuring that the space is easy to maneuver and safe for everyone.

According to the Lighting Design Codes, parking lot lights should meet two fundamental goals

  1. Ensuring user safety
  2. Simplifying user guidance

Electrical contractors focus on another key element when working on parking lot lighting structures; cost-efficiency and lifespan. The smart systems in place today have transformed parking lot lighting systems, serving a wide variety of these needs.

Parking Lot Lighting System Important Considerations

Enhanced User Safety

Parking facilities – regardless of whether they’re underground, multi-level, or outdoor – need to offer clear visibility to users, so that all direction indicators are clear. People circulating within the facility must be able to identify every corner of parked cars to reduce the risk of accidents.

For this, electricians recommend that you:

  • Distribute fixtures evenly throughout the space
  • Ensure elevated intensity via LED light usage
  • Focus on horizontal and vertical illumination
  • Reduce glare factor
  • Eliminate all dark areas
  • Ensure immediate electrical service and repair to avoid waiting or downtime

Lighting systems with proportioned and smart horizontal and vertical lighting fixtures are ideal for parking lots. Make sure that the system can operate even during power failures – even if it’s at a reduced capacity.

Facilitating User Experiences

Parking lots have a range of signs and direction markers that help users reduce the risk of accidents and in many cases, help people find their way out. To ensure the smooth flow of traffic, it is essential that exits are well lit.

However, it is important to remember that shining a light directly on signs might not be such a good idea. When installing lights, electrical contractors need to consider that the reflection doesn’t impede the drivers’ view.

Parking lots have also started using colored lights or smart LED lights that identify specific zones and also help users find empty parking spaces from afar. This eliminates the need for drivers to go around in circles to find a parking spot.

Energy Efficiency

Electrical contractors should make a point of following recommendations set forth by the Illuminating Engineering Society to make sure the light intensity and energy efficiency are on-point. The IES recommends that lights in parking lots should give an average of 5 foot-candles, with a minimum of 1 foot-candle intensity.

Any more and the energy efficiency will suffer. Any less and users may have a hard time seeing dark-colored cars.

Parking lots are usually given dedicated lighting management systems. They allow for significant energy and cost savings by monitoring which light is needed, when, the amount of light based on the natural light available, and more.

If you want to make sure your parking lot is following code requirements and offering the intended value to your clients, you should consider hiring electrical contractors with extensive experience in working on and with parking lot lighting systems. With Skyline Electric, experienced commercial lighting installation and service experts are just a call away! Get in touch for a free quote today!

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