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modern warehouse

How Lighting Controls Can Improve Your Building and Lower Your Bill

One of the first steps that you can take towards saving is to implement a full building automation system (BAS), controlling lighting and a range of other systems.

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Scary glowing Halloween pumpkin against the background of beautiful bokeh and the night sky.Halloween.Jack o lantern. Copy space. Trick or treat.

Addressing Halloween Electrical Needs for Communities and Companies

Halloween parties also present some strong risks, from electrical fires as a result of confetti and other decorative bits and pieces making their way into sockets and extensions, to the increased load on your electrical systems.

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High Voltage Electric Power Lines At Sunset

What You Should Know About Your HVDC Transmission System

HVDC transmission systems are quickly becoming an integral part of almost every electrical power system, which is why electrical contractors are increasingly training their staff to be able to install, maintain, and repair the system easily.

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Confident male engineer using a laptop in front of electric power station

How Electrical Substations Work

Electrical substations are one of the most important parts of the electrical grid. Over time, they have undergone many changes for better efficiency.

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Electricians talking to well-dressed man next to a distribution board

How Creativity Helps Our Contractors and Customers on Their Electrical Projects

Creative approaches by electrical contractors can help the client and make the job of general contractors easier.

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Office Building Exteriors

What You Should Know About Your Electrical System When Hiring a Contractor

Understanding your requirements and your project’s specific details and getting your electrical system mapped can help you keep the electrical contractor in check and ensure they don’t overquote you.

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working on installing solar panels

How Supply Chain Issues are Affecting the Solar Panel Market

Let’s examine the primary issues that the supply chain for commercial solar panels is facing and how electrical contractors in Utah are tackling this issue to provide customers with cost-effective commercial solar panel installation in 2022.

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Electrician working on high voltage transformer in power station

How Electrical Contractors Can Help With Common Transformer Issues

Let’s take a closer look at things that electrical contractors – especially for larger commercial and industrial operations – consider when troubleshooting electrical transformer issues.

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Abstract reflection of business office buildings in glass window in downtown urban area

Are Tunable LEDs Beneficial For Large-Scale Contracts?

Electrical contractors use different tunable LED types to give large-scale industrial and commercial projects an elevated look. Let’s take a closer look at how these lights can help large-scale contractors save up on costs.

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Night lightning

Performing Electrical Service Or Repair During Thunderstorms

This article will take a closer look at the precautions you should take when performing electrical service or repair during lightning or stormy conditions.